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Consuming the Contra-Flow of K-pop in Spain

2020 Autor Min, W., Yoon, K. and Jin, D.

  • Journal of Intercultural Studies 41(2). 

The Courage to Carry on in Korea (한국에서 버틸 용기)

2020 Autor Min, W.

“Creating and Negotiating “Chineseness” through Chinese restaurants in Santiago, Chile”

2020 Autor Montt, M., Chan, C.

  • En "American Chinese Restaurants: Society, Culture and Consumption", Banh, J. y Liu, H. (eds.) Nueva York: Routledge, 2020, pp. 3-25.

Deconstructing the Belt and Road Initiative in Latin America

2020 Autor Serrano, J., Urdinez, F & Telias, D.

  • Asian Education and Development Studies.

The Accession of Latin American Countries to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: The Contrasting Cases of Brazil and Chile

2020 Autor Urdinez, F.

  • Asian Education and Development Studies.

Legislative Behavior, Mass Media and Foreign Policy Making: The Case of Paraguay

2020 Autor Feliú, R. P., Lopez Burian, C. & Urdinez, F.

  • Latin American Research Review.

Status at the Margins: Why Paraguay Recognizes Taiwan and Shuns China

2020 Autor Long, T. & Urdinez, F.

  • Foreign Policy Analysis.

Hegemonic Distortions: the Securitisation of the Insurgency in Thailand's Deep South

2019 Autor Jenne, N. and Chang, J. Y.

  • TRaNS: Transregional and National Studies in Southeast Asia, 2019.

The 1.5th and 2nd Generations in Chile: Am I a Korean?

2019 Autor Min, W.

  • Korean Diaspora across the World. Homeland in History, Memory, Imagination, Media, and Reality. Editado por Eun-Jeong Han, Min Wha Han, y Jonghwa Lee. Lexington Books.

Policy Goals, Fiscal Institutions and Macroeconomic Management in the United Arab Emirates

2019 Autor Soto, R.

  • K. Mohaddes, J. B. Nugent and H. Selim, (eds) "Macroeconomic Institutions and Management in Resource-Rich Arab Economies", Cambridge University Press.

Measuring international engagement: systemic and domestic factors in Brazilian foreign policy from 1998 to 2014

2019 Autor Urdinez, F., Rodrigues, P., de Oliveira, A.

  • Foreign Policy Analysis, 15(3), 370-391.

Chinese Business in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Historical Overview

2019 Autor Montt, M., Palma, P.

  • Journal of Evolutionary Studies in Business, 4.2 (2019), 175-203.

Discurso como representación de sentido en las relaciones internacionales: El caso sino-chileno

2019 Autor Montt, M., Labarca, C.

  • Estudios Políticos, 47 (2019), 163-184. 

By all necessary means? How civil-military knowledge imbalances influence emerging powers’ stance on the use of force in peacekeeping

2019 Autor Jenne, N., Duarte, R.

  • Contemporary Security Policy, 2019.

Contesting Contested Multilateralism: Why the West Joined the Rest in Founding the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

2019 Autor Urdinez, F., Knoerich, J.

  • The Chinese Journal of International Politics, 12(3), 333-370.