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Agustín Letelier Zúñiga (1937 - 2023)

2023 Autor Centro de Estudios Asiáticos

Tendencias de expansión y relocalización de empresas de las economías de la Alianza del Pacífico de China a ASEAN

2023 Autor Ignacio Tornero, Luciano Quispe y Andrea Freites

Asian Military Evolutions: Civil–Military Relations in Asia

2023 Autor Edited by Alan Chong and Nicole Jenne

Many-faced orientalism: racism and xenophobia in a time of the novel coronavirus in Chile.

2021 Autor Montt, M., Chan, C.

  • Asian Ethnicity, 22(2), 374–394.

The value of security cooperation in Sino–South American relations.

2021 Autor Jenne, N.

  • Asian Education and Development Studies, 10(3), 433–444.

The domestic origins of no-war communities.

2021 Autor Jenne, N.

  • Journal of International Relations and Development, 24(1), 196–225.

Japan Search: Introducing a New Research Tool for Scholars of Japan and Its Region.Japan Search: Introducing a New Research Tool for Scholars of Japan and Its Region.

2021 Autor Iacobelli, P., Morris-Suzuki, T.

  • The Asia-Pacific Journal:Japan Focus, 19(1).

The Missionary in the World: The Invention of the Soul of Saint Francis Xavier in an Anonymous Sermon: The East, Quito and Rome, 18th Century.

2021 Autor Montt, M., Gaune, R.

  • Mission Studies, 38(1), 7–30.

Receiving Unfamiliar Culture in Post-Colonial Latin America in the Digital Age: Interpretations of Anime, Manga, and K-pop by Chilean Fans

2021 Autor Min, W.

  • In Jin, D. Y. (Ed.). The Routledge Handbook of Digital Media and Globalization (222-229). Routledge.

The Perfect Man: The Ideal Imaginary Beauty of K-pop Idols for Chilean Fans

2021 Autor Min, W.

  • Seoul Journal of Korean Studies 34(1), 159-194.

Transnational Hallyu: The Globalization of Korean Digital and Popular Culture

2021 Autor Jin, D. Y., Yoon, K., Min, W.

  • Rowman & Littlefield Publishers / Rowman & Littlefield International, 2021.

Velvet fists: The paradox of defence diplomacy in Southeast Asia.

2020 Autor Jenne, N., Chang, J. Y.

  • Southeast Asia. European Journal of International Security Studies, 5(3), 332–349.

Encuentros con Asia: Una reflexión en torno a la historiografía latinoamericana desde la cuenca del océano Pacifico.

2020 Autor Iacobelli, P., Montt, M.

  • Historia 396, 10(2), 179–204.

Hedging and grand strategy in Southeast Asian foreign policy.

2020 Autor Jenne, N., Jones, D. M.

  • International Relations of the Asia-Pacific.

Bridging the Pacific Ocean? Tactical Maneuvering Instead of Grand Strategy in Chile’s Foreign Policy toward Southeast Asia.

2020 Autor Jenne, N.

  • Asian Politics & Policy, 12(2), 106–126.